About me

Harumi Hatta

Japanese goldsmith based in Paris. She has a lot of experience around the world, especially about Art.

Received degrees in Jewelry Making and International Relation in Japan in 2010. Worked and trained at jewelry studio in Tokyo and Osaka, after that moved to Paris and started to work at French jewelry studio as a goldsmith in 2014.
Mainly working for some fashion brands and stage costumes. Unique piece is her passion.
Quality of techniques and creativity is the most important for her, she always looking for ideas that new and high-end.

・Hair accessories of KABUKI
・Custom made wedding rings
・Stage costume jewelry
・Costume for photo shooting of fashion magazines and music labels
・Collaboration on jewelry design, sourced by raw materials and make the jewelry based on the final design.

Feel free to ask for all orders by e-mail.



・舞台衣裳 歌舞伎の簪、オペラ衣装、他
・撮影 ファッション雑誌、ミュージックレーベルへの写真提供 他
・OEM業務 アパレルブランド、セレクトショップ等多数